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How we roll – testimonials

Check out what our clients think about the Julie Aragon Lending Team:…

In a matter of days we were approved for an FHA loan
Luckily we found Julie
I’ve used Julie’s services twice
Julie was a breath of fresh air. She’s smart, experienced, easy to communicate with
My hubby and I worked with Julie to purchase our first home and it was awesome
THANK YOU JULIE AND TEAM for everything!
Julie is a ROCKSTAR!!!

Check out what our clients think about the Julie Aragon Lending Team:


“Julie is a straight shooter, she will always tell you how it is, she will not start working on your loan until you give her everything she asks you, but she will always deliver on her promises and never let you down.”



“I called Julie and she walked me through every step and what was to be expected, which was so much more than our previous  lending company did for us.” Next time I will be going to Julie – with Julie I know what to expect.”



“Working with a well-organized, honest and experienced loan officer like yourself has been such a breath of fresh air. I was always at ease knowing ‘It WILL’ get done!  I also LOVE your level of communication – never left wondering where we are and what’s next.  Thanks again for making the complicated process of obtaining a mortgage simple for my family!”