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Client VIP Services | What You Get

You want a lender who doesn’t leave you hanging and someone who…

In a matter of days we were approved for an FHA loan
Luckily we found Julie
I’ve used Julie’s services twice
Julie was a breath of fresh air. She’s smart, experienced, easy to communicate with
My hubby and I worked with Julie to purchase our first home and it was awesome
THANK YOU JULIE AND TEAM for everything!
Julie is a ROCKSTAR!!!

You want a lender who doesn’t leave you hanging and someone who clearly communicates throughout every stage of the transaction?

We hear you.

When you work with Julie and her superstar team, maintaining a level of consistent communication comes standard with our VIP Services.

What You Get

As a VIP Client, You’ll Get the Works

✦ Sleek and sexy online application

{this interactive design makes it FUN & EASY to apply online!}

✧ Digital Docusign

{Signing docs is a cinch ~ you’ll be able to sign & send docs from comfort of your own smartphone!}

✦ Milestone Texts

{We send texts throughout every stage of the transaction to our clients so they’re always in the loop.}

We make technology work for us to push your docs through quickly while saving everyone the time and headache of manual stone-age processes. We’re all about embracing 2016! 😉

Timely Transactions

We are a group of individuals who understand the value of time. We know how important it is for your deal to close on time, and our mortgage masterminds work around the clock to push every possible piece of paperwork through the funnel, resulting in quicker close times.

Consistent Communication

Throughout each stage of the transaction – whether that’s a phone call or a quick text to let you know where we’re at – you’ll never be left wondering about your loan.

Ease of Process

Don’t have time to drop everything you’re doing and drive to a stuffy office to sign papers? You shouldn’t be expected to!

We understand you’re busy. Whether you’re hustling kids to soccer practice, traveling to your dream island, or busy with normal life events, we get it. We want to make the loan process as simple and efficient as possible for you. Which is why we’ve developed a super smooth system to get your paperwork done on time.

cheersClients for Life

✦ Having a new baby?

✧ Are your kids getting married & you want to help them with a home?

✦ Is it your birthday? {party time!}

After the loan transaction, it’s not over. You better believe we will be friending you on FB. We love keeping up with our clients! You can be assured that the love will continue throughout the years. We are here for you, throughout the seasons and milestones of life.

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