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Julie is a ROCKSTAR!!!

Our team is growing!

Loan Partner

We will provide a client lead and your job will be to be the initial point of contact, evaluate the client’s situation, nurture their interest, take their app, and take them all the way to close. Compensation will be a mix of salary and commission.

Are You Our Ideal Candidate?

  • This is for someone who loves working on the loan, but isn’t out there non-stop focusing on new business.
  • Your passion is helping people by assessing their finance needs and then putting together excellent files and getting them to closing quickly and efficiently.
  • You are really good at making clients and realtor partners feel informed, happy, and appreciated.
  • You enjoy chatting and building rapport and can articulate details and feel comfortable developing relationships with our fave peeps to ensure retention and continued referrals.
  • You are able to jump into our constantly improving set of tools – Jungo and Mortgage Coach experience is preferred – and take the bull by the horns making processes and checklists look like a piece of cake.

Experienced Loan Officer

Tired of asking for concessions? With us, you get better rates, more loan products, best-in-class software with marketing and processor support out of the box. We want experienced, hungry LOs ready to plug into our system and elevate their production. Compensation is entirely commission based but paid 1099.

Are You Our Ideal Candidate?

  • You’ve got a track record as an army of one, but recognize that your businesses growth will be reliant on upgrading your platform.
  • You can change contexts from “rainmaker” to “taskmaster” so quick, you’ve broken underwriters ankles.
  • Getting appointments with referral partners is easy for you.
  • Schmoozing with realtors is what you call Happy Hour.
  • You’ve been a DTI pusher, loan miracle maker, and production record breaker…but know that you need to upgrade your system and loan offering to keep hitting your growth goals.

Looking for something more? Our broker is bringing on high performing Loan Officers and Branch Managers. Contact us for a discreet convo!

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Mortgage Expert

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