"Mortgages can be fun!"

(said no one ever)

But It Doesn't Stop Us From Trying


The Mortgage Process for Home Purchases in 2021

For first time buyers, we created an infographic that’ll fit nicely in your wallet rollie suitcase. At a high level the process is: (1) Get Pre-Approved, (2) Start Submitting Offers, (3) Get An Offer Accepted, (4) Begin Escrow, (5) Get Mortgage Funded.

Still the details matter so check out our nifty visual here OR browse our common questions for first time buyers here. If you get lost in the jargon, we define a lot of mortgage and real estate terminology here.

The Mortgage Process Infographic


PS Buying a home is a big decision. When it comes to the mortgage, you should NEVER be in the dark. When you work with us, this is how it goes down. So when you’re ready to take the first step, check out our simple eval process where you can choose whether you want to: get real rates specific for your scenario (beware of teaser rates!), see how much home you can afford, get pre-approved, or quickly submit your contact info so we can get back in touch.


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