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Real Estate Apps To Grow Your Business

After getting bored building the best mortgage process, we decided to build…

In a matter of days we were approved for an FHA loan
Luckily we found Julie
I’ve used Julie’s services twice
Julie was a breath of fresh air. She’s smart, experienced, easy to communicate with
My hubby and I worked with Julie to purchase our first home and it was awesome
THANK YOU JULIE AND TEAM for everything!
Julie is a ROCKSTAR!!!
After getting bored building the best mortgage process, we decided to build some stuff for our friends in real estate!

logo_blockpartyBlock Party Open House App for iPad Android and Web

  • Now the top-rated mobile app for realtors on both iOS and Android App stores…and works on the web too
  • Attract new clients with a digital sign-in that uses your branding and follow up.
  • Proven to save time and capture more client info at open houses.
  • Did we mention it’s 100% FREE to use?

Instant Qualifier IQ

New Clients Pre-Qualified In 3 Minutes Flat 
  • Just two steps to receive a real-time verdict – perfect for vetting new buyers
  • Avoids teaser rates by using up to the moment interest rates provided by dozens of banks that we work with.
  • Soft credit technology, does not impact client’s score nor does it require Social Security Number
  • Interested? Get early access by contacting us.

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Want to know more about your farm or expand into new territory? Use our free neighborhood intel to get the contact info for everyone in the ‘hood and even see who’s more likely to sell in the next 12 months.

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