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Looking for Mortgage Info in Riverside? We’ve Got Your Back!

Take a look at our simple evaluation process and you can select whether you want to: get actual rates specific for your scenario (beware of teaser rates!), see how much home you can afford, get pre-approved, or quickly submit your contact info so we can get back in touch.


So, you finally found your dream home. We know that feeling, real estate is a game of ups and downs and highs and lows. Whether it is in Riverside or the surrounding area, finding your dream home is equal parts exciting and stressful. Add in the mortgage loan process and it takes things to a whole new level. But finding a great mortgage broker that has experience in the inland empire can de-stress all of that. We are experts in Riverside mortgage rates, loan and lender information, interest rates, credit scores, and more. If you are buying a home in Riverside, we can help.

Where to Get a Mortgage in Riverside California and What to Consider

When you are in the middle of the home buying process, you will have mortgage companies coming out of the woodwork to offer you some once-in-a-lifetime deal or rate. You’ve seen the commercials and probably received stacks and STACKS of junk mail…and let’s just pray you didn’t put your info on one of those internet mortgage sites because by now a person is “checking in” on you pretty much daily.

Sidenote: I hope they’re just as interested in “helping out” when the payments start rolling in.

Suffice it to say, homebuyers are bombarded with mortgage options when it comes to buying a home in Riverside County or any of the surrounding areas.

We suggest evaluating these options across a few criteria. Starting with whether the mortgage company is treating you like a person (vs just another “transaction”). 

It sounds a bit new-agey to even make the comparison, but every borrower, home, and loan is unique so having a lender that knows the ins and outs of your particular loan and your particular area is critical. 

Also make sure to check out reviews for your lender before committing. It’s the customer service and overall convenience of a lender’s process that will reduce a lot of the stress of getting a loan…so look for broker’s with these traits mentioned in their reviews…and you won’t regret it.

Btw finding a good mortgage broker in Riverside or in any of the surrounding areas is not a one-time decision. If you find a great mortgage broker for your first purchase,  you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes time to refinance that mortgage OR buy another property. Hopefully that lender earned your trust the first time around so you can cut out all the in-depth analysis in the future…aka this due diligence will save you time, money, and hassle down the line.

We have the tools necessary to work within your budget and get you a home that you can afford. Lots can be done when it comes to a Riverside mortgage loan to help make sure that you get a monthly payment and terms that you are comfortable with.

Now What Can Julie Aragon Lending Team Offer vs Just About Any Other Mortgage Broker in Riverside, CA

We have the tools necessary to work within your budget and get you a home that you can afford. Lots can be done when it comes to a Riverside mortgage loan to help make sure that you get a monthly payment and terms that you are comfortable with.

* Mobile friendly mortgage process – if you want you can perform the entire process on your phone so get started or get in touch.

* Call us, we will actually answer, and we are humans! You can actually get an expert on the phone that’s familiar with your exact loan scenario. Try that at a big bank.

* When we’re in the actual loan process, you’ll get notified each step of the way. Being in the dark sucks!

* Before you decide to use us for the actual loan process, we won’t be blowing up your phone, text, or email. SPAM sucks too!

* We have hundreds of loan products from dozens of banks to help you find a fit (as we said, people, homes, and loans are all unique)

* HUNDREDS of five-star ratings across Yelp, Google, Zillow, and Facebook. You better believe that wasn’t a fluke.

Riverside Is Making Waves in the Inland Empire

  • The most populated county in Southern California’s Inland Empire, has got a LOT going on: universities, gardens, wineries, and museums galore BUT it also has a major slice of California history…it’s the birthplace of the navel orange. Rumor has it that the first two navel oranges are still in Riverside to this day. Take that “OC”!
  • Last year, the median home sale price in Riverside County was $371,600. That’s a nice little 2.0% bump from the previous year.
  • We’re happy to share free mortgage advice with anyone in Riverside, as well as, surrounding areas like Calimesa, Coachella, Corona, Desert Hot Springs, Hemet, Indio, La Quinta, Lake Elsinore, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Norco, Palm Springs, Perris, Rancho Mirage, San Jacinto, Sun City, and Temecula.

What Does Riverside and California’s Inland Empire Have to Offer? 

If you have just started the home search process, it’s important to fully understand the areas you are considering. Owning a home in riverside is a perfect option for a wide range of people. If you are looking to retire, start a family, or just find a place to put down some roots, Riverside can be a great community to choose from. We are big fans of the Riverside community, and we have been offering our services in this area for quite some time. Here are just a few reasons we love the Riverside area of California.

Fair Home Values

We can help get you a great rate, negotiate some terms, and complete the purchase of your new home, but everybody knows a smaller mortgage is better than a big one. In Riverside, you can get quite a bit of home for the money; it is certainly a more fairly priced area than other sports in the California area.

The great thing about these fair home values is that the communities are still very family-friendly, and there are a variety of houses to choose from in many different styles and sizes. If you are frustrated by California’s home prices, the Riverside community can help you feel a bit more in control of your purchase situation.

Great Schools

One of the great ways to keep the value of your home up is to purchase a residential property in a great school district. When the schools are good, it says something about the people, businesses, and the management of the local area.

Houses that are in better school districts are highly sought after by buyers, and this will help you if you plan on selling your home in the near future. If you plan on staying a while, you can save some money on private school and send your children to the public schools that will help decrease your monthly budget.

Easy Access to All California Has to Offer

Living in Riverside helps give you access to the popular and busy areas without dealing with the traffic and the people daily. If you want to get to San Diego or Palm Springs, you will have less than a two-hour trip. Vegas is only three hours away; you can decide if this is a good or a bad thing. The point is that sometimes to find an affordable house payment, you need to completely remove yourself from all of the top attractions and benefits of California; when you move to Riverside, you won’t feel this way.

Outdoor Recreation

Golfing, swimming, skiing, hiking, you can choose whatever it is that interests you and find a place to do it within the local area or just outside. There is no shortage of outdoor activities to take part in when you live in the Riverside area. By using our mortgage lending service, you can make sure that your monthly mortgage payment allows you plenty of extra money to participate in any of these enjoyable outdoor activities.

Vacation Homes

Maybe Riverside is not the perfect spot for your forever home right now, but have you considered a vacation home in Riverside? Many people love the climate and the access to outdoor activities that California has but for a vacation or second home, it can get a bit expensive. Luckily with the fair pricing of the homes in Riverside, it is a perfect town to purchase a second home.

Second-home financing is certainly a bit different than loans for your primary residence. It is important to know the rates, the rules, and what a lender will be considering when you are looking to get this loan. Second-home financing in Riverside is something that we specialize in with the strength of the market in the area and some experience we have after helping our clients secure thousands of loans, we can help make your vacation home or your income property dream a reality.

Get to Know Our Team

We’ve been in the home lending business since 2002 (no age jokes please!) and we’re so proud to serve those looking for home loans in Riverside and nearby areas.

Why Choose Us? Our 200+ Five Star reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Zillow speak for themselves, but if you’re still not sure, know this:

We know how important a loan is when finding a new home.

…and whether you’re a first time home buyer looking for a mortgage lender licensed in Riverside, or you’re researching the best rates to refinance, we’ll make the effort to ensure you have all the necessary home loan information REGARDLESS of whether you go with our mortgage services.

We’re transforming the entire home finance process to be easy-to-use, transparent, and specific for your* financial profile
We pull off mortgage miracles every day using a mix of technology (for speed) and mortgage experts (for smarts). We have a database of hundreds of loan products that we automagically match your situation with so we can find the best rate for you. Although, we’ve made our entire process online, you can always get a loan officer on the phone when you need to.

Lastly, I gotta give props to my local Riverside spot that you might find me and the team at when we’re not at headquarters. Seriously, it’s the best.

Are You Considering Moving From Riverside?

We love Riverside, but it certainly doesn’t mean that we will only offer loans and services to those living in/around the Inland Empire. If you are a first-time homebuyer or looking for a refinance rate in any of the surrounding areas, we are happy to help. Our advice is free, and we have lots of experience in other residential communities like Calimesa, Coachella, Corona, Desert Hot Springs, Hemet, Indio, La Quinta, Lake Elsinore, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Norco, Palm Springs, Perris, Rancho Mirage, San Jacinto, Sun City, and Temecula. In addition, we have relationships with lenders all over the country to help with any of your longer distance relocation and financing needs.