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Ajay Has Your Back

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Have you ever wondered why most mortgage companies are so dull? Well three years ago Ajay finally did something about it. He found the top mortgage broker in Southern California and married her...just so he could have a chance to add some flavor to an otherwise boring industry.

Before all that, he made a name for himself in the live entertainment industry building patented machine learning models to detect & stop ticket scalpers. Now he brings the same level of tech nerdery to Julie Aragon Lending Team's systems.

Jon Has Your Back

Jon Rowland Tall Headshot

Remember the Wolf in Pulp Fiction? Jon is the financial version. He has a knack for solving tough hairball-like loans. He thrives in making the impossible...possible. His magic words are "this can't be done" and then he springs into action like a jungle cat!

These skills don't happen over night though. Jon's had 30+ loooong years in the mortgage business. Even though he's probably seen it all, he's far from jaded. His manner is easy going and extremely helpful...just don't tell him something "can't be done" unless you want his claws to come out. For fun he loves golf, basketball, skiing...and yes, structuring ridiculously complicated mortgages.

Julie Has Your Back

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Some girls like dolls, but as a kid, Julie's favorite thing was receiving mail. And not just any kind of mail. Definitely not letters from far off pen pals or relatives. She wanted brochures on high quality card stock and glossy cover photos of happy customers. But instead of buying a Bowflex Home Gym or John Deere riding mower back when she was seven years old, she waited until she was nineteen and built a business where she could help her clients feel the way those customers looked in those brochures. She built a mortgage process where every detail mattered. She carved out a piece of the mortgage industry and grew it. Then she said to herself, damn "take that high school guidance counselors!".

That was back in 2002. Today, Julie has a team and a technology stack that leads the industry. And when she's not working, you can find her out on the town with a cocktail and a scheme to get into a hot, new, restaurant without a reservation. Either that or watching I Love Lucy on her Mom's couch...dreaming of that riding mower that got away.

Monica Has Your Back

Monica Olmos

What do you get when you combine 15+ years in the mortgage business with a never-ending appetite for self improvement? Well, we call her Monica.

Monica is the type of loan processor that makes even the hairiest deal look easy. She sees every transaction like a three dimensional chessboard. She's always five moves ahead of the game and can manage through even the fussiest underwriters requirements while keeping clients out of the fray. She's got the type of organization skills that'd put Marie Kondo to shame. Basically, she's got checklists for her checklists.

Maybe it comes from raising three kids while excelling in her career. Maybe it comes from her deep spirituality. Maybe it comes from the fact that her idea of a relaxing day off includes the gym and then the gun range.

No matter what, she's got it handled.

Suzie Has Your Back

Suzie has your back

Suzie is equal parts mortgage prodigy, housing veteran, and cool under pressure. She joined Julie Aragon Lending Team after an impressive tenure in the domestic and international relocation business...so she knows what it means to take charge when moving trucks are involved. In addition to her unflappable demeanor, she brings the versatility she demonstrated in relocation to the mortgage sales coordinator role. On any given day you can find her introducing first time buyers to the mortgage process, greasing the skids on transactions that aren't moving along fast enough, or soothing prickly bank reps into submission with her NPR voice.

When she's not making everyone's life easier, you can find her singing her heart out to classic rock anthems or watching old, cheesy horror movies (emphasis on "cheese").

Mike Has Your Back

Mike Stoneking Tall Headshot

Mike's a mortgage renaissance man. At all times he's got clients' mortgages on the mind. While shaving each morning...he's calculating income scenarios in his head. He memorizes the names of underwriters at dozens of banks, how many decimal places they round to AND their favorite brand of scotch. At dinner parties, he recites the latest Fannie Mae guidelines to a captivated audience.

Needless to say, if Mike's working on your mortgage, it’s gonna get done with craftsman-like integrity. Plus, with 15 years in the business under his belt, he knows that client communication is key. So, unlike other mortgage savants he's easy to talk to and cuts though the mortgage jargon with ease.

When he's not in the office, you can find him spending time with his family out on the lake or planning community events like costume parties...and the occasional mortgage-themed dinners.

Robin Has Your Back

Robin Tall Headshot

Some people work hard their whole careers to become maestros of mortgages, but some are just born with it. Robin is one of these "naturals". She comes from a family of real estate professionals so she was getting familiar with mortgage docs when most kids were still sucking on their thumbs. And when they were learning the ABC's, Robin was learning all about mortgage interest deduction rules from the IRS. We can't confirm it, but word has it that Robin's first "toy" was a notary stamp & seal. Needless to say, she's got game.

On her way to becoming a Loan Coordinator extraordinaire, she was an Escrow Officer for over a decade. Now she's primarily helping home buyers that have mortgage needs that fall outside the typical "big bank" box. When she's not working, you'll probably find her rolling around Lake Tahoe with her fam...which now includes a rambunctious golden doodle named Khloe.


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