What's My Home Worth?


Track Value

Take control. Keep an eye on your home value, loans, equity, market trends & more.


Save Money

See the power of extra principal payments or refinancing at the right time.


Build Wealth

Know exactly when to buy, sell, rent, or remodel to maximize your investment.

Let's See Your Roomba Do This!

We finally did it. We found a robot that can scout out neighborhoods you’re interested in and find smart ways to save you time & money throughout the purchase process. PLUS you'll never need to worry about coming home to them stumbling around the home running into walls covered in dirt.

It's called Homebot (pronounced "Homie Bot", I think) and it'll be your free personal guide in the home-buying journey! For starters, the homie will send a regular "Homebot Market Report" email. It's a personalized interactive guide which will:

  • Explore neighborhoods and cities to find the best market to match your goals
  • Use current market temperatures to guide your buying strategy
  • Estimate how much home you can afford at today's interest rates
  • See how much your new home could rent for on Airbnb
  • Get your finances prepared so you can move quickly on your dream house!

Plus, if you already own a home, you can choose to enter your address to sign up for a Homebot home digest – you’ll find the sign-up at the top of the interactive Markets explorer.

That's when the homie really starts flexing their financial degree to give you a report card for your home which will help you build wealth and save money over time by better understanding your equity.

I hope you and Homebot hit it off!