Los Angeles Cheap Date Night Ideas for 2021

As you know, we love J. Lo around these parts, and she knew what she was talking about when she said, “my love don’t cost a thing.” Planning extravagant outings with your honey can be great, but sometimes, the most memorable evenings are the ones that end up being practically free. So here are some…

What to know about building an ADU in Los Angeles County and Surrounding Areas in California

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is an extra living space you add on to an existing residence Often times called a “Granny Flat” or a “mother-in-law” suite, but relax: most of the time (if you’re lucky) your mother-in-law is not going to reside in the ADU. In fact, most homeowners use them as a source of…

Two Special Ladies this Mother’s Day

In my last post, I totally gushed over how proud I am of my brother and his family to find a home to call their own. And now, here comes another warm and fuzzy post – but I just can’t help it! With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am to have…

Warning: Warm and Fuzzy Post Ahead

Over the past 14 years I have closed hundreds of home loans. But in all of my career, there’s never been a loan that has made me happier than the one I just closed last week, my little brother Frankie’s. It seems like only yesterday I was teaching him how to tie his shoes and telling him…

14 Things I Totally Love

What’s more loveable than the fact that I share my birthday with the day of romance? How bout sharing with you the 14 things that I absolutely love, inspired by the lovely Valentine’s Day itself. Follow along with me, I think you’ll find some stuff you love too! 1. Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee I love the taste…

What’s Your Movement?

Everyone’s got a movement. The WHY behind what you do. The motivation that keeps you going. The deep reason that drives you. If you don’t have your own movement, DON’T WORRY. I totally get it. You may be thinking: “Gosh, I’m not trying to pioneer some epic crusade. I like helping people and enjoy an occasional…

A peek into my diary: goals for 2016

Professional Goals for 2016: In fabulous 2016, I want to share my unique insights on the home buying process with the many people who desperately need my help. And let’s get real…there are many different steps to take – but not to worry! That’s where my team and I step in. With over 14 years of experience…

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