Miscellaneous Mortgage Questions

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Miscellaneous Mortgage Questions

Well if you’re reading this, you’re officially on the mortgage road less…

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Well if you’re reading this, you’re officially on the mortgage road less travelled. Not everything with getting a mortgage is based on black and white guidelines. Fortunately we see people, homes, and loans in beautiful color and specialize in uncharted territory…so throw out the cookie cutter formulas and let’s get weird. Here are some off-the-beaten-path mortgage questions that we’ve answered for others:

How does recasting a mortgage work?

Recasting occurs when you’ve made large principal payments towards your balance, and now you want the amortization schedule to be recast, so your payments are lower.

If my income declined, but I was still able to make my mortgage payments, is there a possibility of losing my home?

No, you’re going to have that loan as long as you continue making the payments on time.

Can I buy a home in a new city, before getting an offer letter, IF I’ve only been working a few months in my current job?

You would either need to have an offer letter from the new employer in the new city in order to qualify for the new house or IF you had enough income to qualify, get the home in the new city as a second home.

Can paid off loans count as tradelines for a conventional mortgage?

Yes, you can have loans that have been paid off and only have one active trade line and still get qualified for a mortgage. Furthermore, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (two organizations that influence much of the mortgage qualifying criteria that lenders and borrowers are submitted to) don’t even have a minimum number of open trade lines requirement.

When I submit my bank statements to a lender what kind of info are they looking for?

Normally you need to paper trail any large deposit outside of payroll. Some things the underwriter may look for on a bank statement would be non-sufficient fund charges, large deposits that appear to be cash, or liabilities. For instance, ACH payments on liabilities that might not be on your credit report. See more on this topic here.

Can I get a mortgage with a discharged Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Unfortunately, conventional financing requires four years from the discharge date. You could try FHA, which only requires two years seasoning from the discharge date. Outside of that, non-QM would be your only option.

How much time at a job is needed to use it’s income towards qualifying for a mortgage?

Good for you for taking some time off. Most banks will want to see six months back on the job to consider the income stable and used for qualifying purposes. If there’s no gap in employment, for instance, you resigned from one job and take another offer, there is usually no requirement on a length of time with that employer. So you can go get a mortgage that same week as long as you have a signed offer letter from the new employer.


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