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Veteran Loans with the Julie Aragon Lending Team First and foremost, THANK…

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Veteran Loans with the Julie Aragon Lending Team

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First and foremost, THANK YOU for your service. I enjoy serving military veterans more than any other loan market. Your service makes everything I have in life possible and it does not go without notice in my life. If I see you out and about, I will thank you and shake your hand or ask for a hug to let you know how much I appreciate you and your family. And if you are in a restaurant, I will most definitely get your meal. Without you, none of what we value in America would be possible. Thank you again and please share my gratitude with your loved ones as I recognize their sacrifice as well.

The good news is that due to your service, you are eligible for great loan options. The VA loan program has several features that make home buying easier for a veteran. The VA mortgage benefits are:

  • Less stringent qualifications: VA loan criteria recognize the unique situation that military personnel face and make the VA loan approval process easier with the government support and backing.
  • Lower payments with VA loans; competitive rates and no private mortgage insurance requirement mean lower monthly payments. This benefit can save you thousands over the life-span of the loan.
  • Zero down on your VA home purchase, making purchasing power greater. This is one of the very few loans in the country that allow a zero down-payment.

In addition to the VA Loan, we are proud to offer several other financing options for home buyers; USDA loans, FHA loans, and traditional mortgages.
The first step in securing your VA home loan is to get pre-approved. This will also tell you how much buying power you have. Once you get your pre-approval, you will be on your way to home-ownership. You can close your loan as soon as 15-days with the Julie Aragon Lending Team.

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Please fill out our online loan application to get pre-approved for your VA loan. Should you want to talk about the loan or get questions answered first, please feel free to call me: 310-488-7083.

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