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We make dreams come true

Tracie and John were able to save enough to send their sweet…

In a matter of days we were approved for an FHA loan
Luckily we found Julie
I’ve used Julie’s services twice
Julie was a breath of fresh air. She’s smart, experienced, easy to communicate with
My hubby and I worked with Julie to purchase our first home and it was awesome
THANK YOU JULIE AND TEAM for everything!
Julie is a ROCKSTAR!!!

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Tracie and John were able to save enough to send their sweet daughter Mila to a better school in a great location. They otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford this opportunity. Can’t put a price tag on that!

We Make Dreams Come True!

It’s always been Ferdinand’s goal to help his daughter succeed in all her endeavors. He recently was able to purchase an investment property in San Diego and now his daughter is living there while she attends college. He’s so thrilled to be able to support her in this way while she pursues an education.

Kathleen and her family relocated from the cold, miserable winters of Colorado and now reside in the always sunny and beautiful Santa Monica, CA. They love it here!

“Working with Julie has been a dream come true – literally!”