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I’m on the move ~ It’s Now or Never!

julie long beach mortgage
You guys all remember ten years ago when LC (aka Lauren Conrad) packed up her bags, left Laguna Beach and headed for The Hills of Los Angeles?! Well I’m totally feelin’ LC this week.

It’s truly bittersweet leaving this beautiful place I was able to call home for the last three years. Waking up to the magical sunrises over Alamitos Bay will be a fond memory of my time in the shore. I feel like it’s the perfect time in my life to move, but I’ll be real when I say, this shit is scary ya’ll!

BUT I am so confident that once I get settled in, start making connections {and find my new favorite drink at the local bar} things will totally start to feel like home. If you’re a realtor, client or friend, I’d love for you to read more as I share what prompted this new move and what’s to come from little ol’ me {and my growing team!}

First and foremost, I want to thank you for stopping by my blog! If you want to sign up for more of my musings, join the newsletter here.

Now back to the juicy gossip about my move!

It’s Now or Never!

You may be wondering, where I’m moving to ~ I’m so thrilled to announce that I’ll be packing up my bags and heading to, drum roll please……Santa Monica!!

Santa monicaOk, so it’s not across the world or anything, but it’s still such an important and exciting step in my personal journey. I’m relocating to a spot that will embrace me as the person I am now, and help me grow into the woman I want to become.

Why Santa Monica?

I’m a firm believer in surrounding myself with likeminded people and in places that challenge you ~ which is why I’m SO looking forward to the new scene of Santa Monica.

It’s hip and fresh, it’s got great restaurants {which is vital for the foodie in me} and I’m ready for the new energy it has to offer, both personally and in business. I found an awesome new workspace that has a lively atmosphere, which will totally serve to motivate me to take my business to a new level.


♥ I need to be by the water

♥ I want to be part of a cool little community similar to Long Beach

♥ Having a menu of delicious handmade cocktails to choose from is a definite must

What’s to Come?

I’m really looking forward to growing personally and professionally in my new digs, but I want to ensure my clients and profesh partners in Long Beach that I am TOTALLY NOT GOING anywhere. Sorry, it’s not that easy to get rid of me. 😉

I will still be providing the same VIP Service to all my current clients, and in fact, they’re only going to get better! I’ve added more people to my team, I’ve got some really cool new things coming soon *hint hint, a brand new website, easier way to apply online, & more!* and I truly believe this move will serve as a giant step to bigger and better things for myself, and everyone I work with.

Sure, I may be relocating to a new city, but my clients and partners are always a top priority. It’s time to grow. It’s now or never. And I’m so thankful for the opportunity to start this new chapter. Thanks for joining me today! Watch out for my next blog with updates about the move ~ maybe I’ll take you on a tour of my new pad, or show you around town with a short video!

Until next time,