Whoops I married my rate

 Here’s one of my least favorite mortgage sales cliches: You marry the house but you date the rate. Every loan officer when rates are high If you’ve never heard this before, it’s trying to convey to a nervous buyer that they’re keeping the house for the long term (marriage) but can refinance out of the…

Does Bennifer 2.0 Mean it’s Time to Refi Your Mortgage?

Bennifer is back, baby! Why am I so excited?! The obvious reason is that those Juicy Couture sweatsuits I’ve been saving all these years may get an encore performance. And if you know me, you know I love my sweats (aka business pajamas)…but I’m even more excited because Bennifer is proof that things can be…

Six Mortgage Types and Their Corresponding ‘Friends’ Character

Millions of people tuned in to one of the most popular sitcoms for a decade, “Friends.” Living in a cramped West Village New York City apartment on top of one other makes me wonder, why didn’t they purchase places of their own? (Ok, I know…Monica and Chandler finally did in the last ep, but still,…

Job Opportunity // Grow with our Team!

Looking for Rockstar Loan Assistant in Orange County I’m so excited to say that things have been super busy in business ~ and NOW more than ever, I’m looking for one unique, badass individual to join the team. Dream Skills + Must Haves: ✦ 2+ years of experience in the mortgage industry ✧ is passionate about helping others…

Brand-New Website + Launch Giveaway!

Instead of focusing on potentially negative topics like today’s political parties, I thought I’d add some sparkle to your reading list, by chatting up the launch of my…drumroll please….brand-new website! It’s been a long time coming, with little tweaks {not twerks…I’ll leave that to Miley Cyrus} along the way, and I could not be more…

Satisfying My Wanderlust with a Trip to Thailand

if you’re like me, then you work crazy long hours and find that your work days easily creep their way into work nights all too often. it’s not because you HAVE to work late it’s because you want to. you truly do enjoy what you do. everyone has a reason WHY they grind. maybe you’re supporting an amazing family. maybe you have…

Real Me Wednesday – We Super Like You

‪#‎REALMEWEDNESDAY‬ ~ From all our positive Yelp reviews, you might think everything we do is PERFECT. But that’s not the case!   If the Julie Lending Team popped up on your Tinder feed, there’s a chance we might get the occasional left swipe. This business is hard. We’re not perfect, and we are NOT a…

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