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Brand-New Website + Launch Giveaway!

Instead of focusing on potentially negative topics like today’s political parties, I thought I’d add some sparkle to your reading list, by chatting up the launch of my…drumroll please….brand-new website!

It’s been a long time coming, with little tweaks {not twerks…I’ll leave that to Miley Cyrus} along the way, and I could not be more thrilled with how the final design turned out!

Follow along with me today as I share some of the snazzy features that make my new site so magical. And if that isn’t enough ~ to celebrate my new website launch, I’m also giving away a free launch lunch to one of my favorite spots ~ Mendocino Farms! If you’re unsure of what this fabulous farm-to-table spot has to offer, then may I suggest you educate yourself right on over here. Simply stated, this little sandwich market is my go to spot for healthy, and unabashedly delicious food. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Sleek, Sexy New Loan Application

apply online

I thought I’d start out with a BANG.

This is quite possibly my favorite thing about my new site! The design of my new loan application required countless hours of work with an amazing design team; and with a few glasses of wine, a lot of attention to detail, and countless revisions later ~ the end result definitely does not disappoint.

The new design will not only benefit my team, but was truly built for my dream client. Similar to the ease and experience of a bad ass iPhone app, my online application is easy to peruse, fun to fill out, and pretty to look at. Not bad, considering the content that we’re dealing with ~ but that’s exactly why we’re different…because we try provide an unbeatable, and memorable experience for every individual we work with.

How We Roll

how we roll

The Julie Aragon Lending Team represents a team of individuals who believe in the individual. As people, we are all different and uniquely wonderful. Each of our dream clients have a different set of needs, and it’s our biggest thrill to make magic happen for that particular person.

We’re always thinking up creative, new ways to love up on our clients and make sure they know how special they are. That’s just one of the many ways of “how we roll.”

Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

Giving Back to Our Community

giving back

We believe in the power of giving back to our local community, worldwide, and just to anyone who may need a helping hand every now and then.

Whether it’s working with wounded war veterans or rescuing pups from local shelters, we believe that a little bit of love goes a long way.

Want to learn more? Discover other ways we give back.

Now, Time for the Giveaway

So, as I’m sure you can tell, I could go on and on about the new site ~ but instead, I’ll just let you explore more on your own time. But for now…let’s talk giveaways!

Like I said, to celebrate the launch of my new site, I’m giving away {lunch for two} on me to 1 lucky winner!

How to Enter:

1) Follow our team on Facebook and Instagram.

2) Comment below and tell me your favorite thing about my new site.

3) Cross your fingers and watch your email!

Deadline: September 30th

*Winner will be announced and contacted via email or phone.