How to Get Your Home Offer Accepted in a Hot Market, aka How to be a Seller’s Beyoncé

While you might not be in the market for your $88 Million Bel Air Dream home like Beyoncé and Jay-Z (honestly, who wants to clean 30,000 square feet of space and 11 bathrooms anyway?!) here are some tips and tricks to think like Beyoncé and get the property you do want. It’s a seller’s market,…

Does Bennifer 2.0 Mean it’s Time to Refi Your Mortgage?

Bennifer is back, baby! Why am I so excited?! The obvious reason is that those Juicy Couture sweatsuits I’ve been saving all these years may get an encore performance. And if you know me, you know I love my sweats (aka business pajamas)…but I’m even more excited because Bennifer is proof that things can be…

Six Mortgage Types and Their Corresponding ‘Friends’ Character

Millions of people tuned in to one of the most popular sitcoms for a decade, “Friends.” Living in a cramped West Village New York City apartment on top of one other makes me wonder, why didn’t they purchase places of their own? (Ok, I know…Monica and Chandler finally did in the last ep, but still,…

Curb Appeal Ideas that you can Complete before Brunch

Are you thinking of putting your house on the market? Or maybe the outside of your home could just use a little TLC? Most home improvement projects are about the inside…because that’s you actually live. Plus some people take that old saying “it’s what’s inside that counts” a little too seriously. So it’s no wonder…

Tips for Millennial Home Buyers: How to Overcome Your Home Shopping Fears

If you’re under 40, buying a home might be next on your to-do list. However, if you’ve been putting this decision off recently, it may be because you feel a little overwhelmed by the home buying process.  At a certain age, buying a home is just the next item on that “adulting” to-do list. However,…

Tips for Remote Team Management

In 2020, when the pandemic lockdown first started, we were forced change up our lives QUICK. Everything went remote…starting with work. I’ve observed a ton of creativity in integrating home offices in kitchens, living rooms and even in closets (yes cloffices are a thing now!). In the beginning it was new and even fun. Bonus…

What to know about building an ADU in Los Angeles County and Surrounding Areas in California

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is an extra living space you add on to an existing residence Often times called a “Granny Flat” or a “mother-in-law” suite, but relax: most of the time (if you’re lucky) your mother-in-law is not going to reside in the ADU. In fact, most homeowners use them as a source of…

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What else should millennial homebuyers know?

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Training Remote Employees

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What to consider when building an ADU

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Options for Making Your Dream Home a Reality

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