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My New Happy Plan for 2016 :)

Julie Aragon Happy Plan

Business plans are a thing of the past. For 2016, I’ve created my very own Happy Plan to help me manifest my biggest dreams, help my team of savvy experts stay on task, and give us something exciting to work toward, so it never actually feels like a day of work. Please follow along with me as I reveal my Happy Plan for 2016.

And because I want to share the love, please feel free to download your own free Happy Plan template!

#1 Business Priorities:

  • Offering services/products/experiences like our super easy-to-use loan application that sets us apart from the cheesy finance guy on the radio.
  • Loving up on our clients and biz partners makes me happy.
  • Before committing to anything, I will ask myself, “Is this going to be the ‘spirit fingers’ moment of my happy dance? Am I feeling totally delighted about this? Does this line up with my vision?” If I’m feeling any bit lukewarm, it’s okay to say NO.

My Perfect Biz Universe:

  • Chatting with clients feels like a coffee catch-up date with a good friend.
  • I will empower my team of self starters to stay organized and take care of the nitty gritty (which is what they are more qualified at anyways) so I can relax, knowing they are bringing their “A” game daily.
  • I’m treating CPA’s, top agents, and other biz pros who are aligned with my vision to a coffee date and showing them the unmatched level of magic they will experience when working with myself and my super star team.
  • Glowing reviews from clients are flowing in every day. My team and I pour over the gossip-worthy goodness every morning with glee, sharing our faves with each other while we sip on lattes.

Overall Picture:

  • Taking a quick break for a Blogilates sesh or hopping online to indulge in some much-needed shopping therapy is totally reasonable!
  • We are constantly growing at a rate we can handle, perfectly balancing the teeter-totter of business and handling the ups and downs with utmost ease and grace.
  • Create content my audience CRAVES and virtually can’t live without. Highlight the “lifestyle” that me and my team live out every day so that likeminded clients and individuals will automatically be magnetized to our brand, culture, hearts, and all that we stand for!


✧ WAKE UP: Bye bye, black out curtains. Hello morning!

✦ FIRST THING: Invigorate my mind and body by taking a deep breath and enjoying a cup of coffee or my favorite Nekter juice blend to set the tone for the day.

✧ THEN: Check in with my team, respond to messages, and get down to business.

✦ AFTER THAT: Get dolled up and head out to meet with real estate agents for a one-on-one strategy sesh.

✧ DEFINITELY THIS: Stay on task. Write down my top to-dos for the day and check them off as I go.

BREAK: Don’t forget to take some time to relax and rejuvenate.

✧ WRAP UP: Go over priorities, recap, and enjoy a glass of wine or indulge in dark chocolate to celebrate another satisfying day.

Superstar plan:

  • Serve our peeps through transparency and honesty. If an error ever arises – which is inevitable…no we’re not perfect 😉 – we commit to doing all we can to accommodate the client – NOT just put a band-aid on the situation, but get to the root, dig it up, and water it so we can get back to growing an even stronger relationship.
  • Providing champagne service is what we do. Our clients are drawn to us because they can feel the difference of working with the luxury “Nordstrom” of the mortgage industry vs. the generic “Forever 21”.

Thanks for joining me today ~ let’s start 2016 off with a bang!