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Are you thinking of putting your house on the market? Or maybe the outside of your home could just use a little TLC?

Most home improvement projects are about the inside…because that’s you actually live. Plus some people take that old saying “it’s what’s inside that counts” a little too seriously. So it’s no wonder that the front of the house can get a little toe-up. The good news is, it’s pretty easy to update the outside of your home without spending a lot of time or money. 

curb appeal

If you’re looking for easy ways to keep the front of the house looking great, try these 10 curb appeal ideas:

1. Keep the yard green and pristine 

If you’re like I used to be, you may just take grass for granted. It’s everywhere right?! What kind of maintenance could possibly be required?! Welp, come to find out that taking care of your grass lawn is actually important if you want it to look healthy. Adding some grass seed or sod, if needed, can help keep your lawn looking fresh. You don’t have to tackle this all at once if your lawn is really in need of a refresh. Start by weed whacking or cutting your grass to figure out your problem areas. Little by little add grass seed, new soil, or sod to bring your green lawn back to life. It’s one of the cheapest and easier ways to boost your front yard curb appeal.

2. Add flowers and throw in even more greenery

If your nickname in college was Dr. Green Thumb (any Cypress Hill fans here?!), working on a garden might come easily to you. But a PhD in Botany isn’t required if you just want to improve your curb appeal. In fact, you don’t have to plant a single thing! Instead, opt for hanging plants and flowers or line your porch with pre-potted greenery. If you want to create a quick garden, buy easy to care for plants like hydrangeas, juniper, or peonies, adding curb appeal instantly while making your garden look stunning and lush.

3. Swap your mailbox

Are you still living with the same rusty mailbox that came with your home? Maybe the local kids decided to use it as a m80 testing site (that’s a federal crime btw). While it might be functional, upgrading your mailbox actually has an impact on curb appeal. While it won’t add a zero to your property value, it can be a great first impression. A shabby mailbox can be a subconscious signal that the rest of the house is also shabby. Yes it’s shallow that in this day and age, we can be judged by our mailbox, but this is the world we live in. So don’t fight it. No matter what style of mailbox you have, removing it can be done really quickly — in about 15 minutes (or less if you still have one of those m80s leftover). Then just replace it with something simple & clean. Boom.

4. Don’t forget about your driveway and walkway

Think of your driveway and walkway as the red carpet of the outside of your home. You want it to look welcoming and polished. You can fix any cracks with a concrete crack filler and add flowers, solar lights, or other outside decor around the edges. You can really define your pathways by adding pavers or stones along the edges of the path for a stunning and polished look that will take less than an hour.

5. Light it up

After thousands of years of evolution, we humans are still drawn to light. Don’t fight it. Put lights outside to add ambiance and atmosphere to your space. They’re also handy when you’re trying to find your way inside late at night. Consider investing in solar lights that recharge during the day to line your lawn, walkways, or porch. You may also want to buy or swap your porch or front door lighting for a fixture that better fits your style. Lastly, add string bistro-style lights around your porch, back yard, or side areas for a decorative pop that’ll leave a huge impression.

6. Clean your windows and siding

Your front windows are gross. I don’t even have to see them and I know it. Don’t feel bad. The exterior of your home gets dirty quick. So give those windows and your siding a good cleaning every couple years. A quick power wash will be sure to leave it glistening. Don’t have a power washer? Get a hose so you can at least eliminate that first layer of dirt and grime. But, you’ll want to get close up with the hose to make sure the windows and shutters get a good cleaning.

7. Restyle your porch or front door area

If you have a front porch, you can get really creative with turning it into an outside space you’re proud of. No matter the size, consider adding a rug or decorative doormat (or both!) to liven up the space. You can even add exterior curtains, a hammock, chairs or a small bistro table, and plants (real or fake…we won’t tell!). At minimum, make sure you swap any shaggy accents (like that fraying welcome mat or those rusty house numbers) with updated pieces.

8. Give your door a facelift

Shut the front door. Now do it 100 times/week…and now you know why it’s falling off the hinges. While cleaning it will help restore it to its former glory, repainting it can really make it stand out and improve your overall exterior. You can find paint made specifically for exterior doors at your local hardware store and adding a layer or two takes no time at all! While you’re at it, consider updating your door’s handle to a more modern style or one that fits with your home’s architecture. Feel free to choose a bold or different door color, but even repainting in the same color scheme can make your door look brand new again.

9. Spruce up your garage

The number one tell of a haunted house in your neighborhood? A dilapidated garage. Including your garage door in a cohesive exterior color scheme can make your home look top-notch and expertly styled. In general, your garage door should match the trim of your house (or the window shutters if these colors are different). A quick coat of paint can do wonders for a well-loved garage! Be sure to add or update lighting as well, to ensure you can see your way from your garage to your home.

10. Don’t overlook your fence

The number two tell of a haunted house in your neighborhood? A rickety fence. Not everyone even has a fence in front of their home BUT if you have a wooden fence and want to make your property pop, re-stain it or add a new coat of paint. Metal fences can be power washed and cleaned to ensure they don’t rust and continue withstanding harsh weather. Vinyl fences should also be cleaned regularly with a sodium-bicarbonate cleaner. Be sure to fix any sagging areas a little at a time and soon your fence will look even better than the day it was installed.

So now that your curb appeal is restored, what’s next?

Well that brunch obviously. But there are also dozens of other creative curb appeal options worth exploring that won’t cost you thousands on a contractor, landscaping company, or painter. Start by deciding what’s in the worst shape or what needs the most love and little by little, give the outside of your home the glow up it deserves.

If you’re upgrading that property to put it on the market, contact us too! We can pair you with a great local agent AND help you navigate financing your next property.