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Los Angeles Cheap Date Night Ideas for 2022

As you know, we love J. Lo around these parts, and she knew what she was talking about when she said, “my love don’t cost a thing.” Planning extravagant outings with your honey can be great, but sometimes, the most memorable evenings are the ones that end up being practically free. So here are some great cheap date ideas in Los Angeles, you can share with your boo. 

Wine Walks​​

Wine Walks in Los Angeles

What’s better than an outdoor stroll? A boozy outdoor stroll. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Just walking, talking, sipping, and exploring the neighborhood.

Ok and yes, we’re talkin’ a potential misdemeanor…but if done right, you’ll steer clear of any citations. 

On that note, maybe do a quick common sense check on your neighborhood beforehand. What’s the beverage concealer of choice. Whether it’s a red cup, tumbler, koozie, or paper bag…most neighborhoods have a socially acceptable way to partake in public. So grab your drink, and your date and let the good times stroll. 

Picnic and a Movie

One of my favorite LA traditions is Cinespia, where you (and a few thousand of your closest friends) pack a picnic and watch a movie at the Hollywood Forever cemetery. It’s an institution. Sometimes, though, you don’t really want to deal with parking, packing, and driving–so I like to bring Cinespia to our backyard. You’d be surprised at how cheap outdoor projectors can be if you don’t get too hung up on making sure it’s high-def and 4k, and there’s something really magical about spreading out a picnic and watching a movie under the stars in your own backyard.  

Beach Day

Beach Day in Los Angeles for Date Night

Being near the beach is obviously a huge perk of living in Los Angeles, but sometimes we take it for granted because there’s just so much to do here. Everyone has their favorite spot (and if you don’t, ask a friend, and they’ll share theirs), so grab some beach towels, a cooler with some drinks, that koozie we mentioned in the wine walk and make a beach date with your person. Beaches are free, but parking usually isn’t, so now’s the perfect time to try out those Metro bike-share options to keep costs at a minimum. That makes for a pretty cheap date night ideas in Los Angeles, right?

Be a Tourist in Your Town

I know it’s not really cool to be a tourist. Still, LA is brimming with so much history and glamor that exploring some of the tourist attractions can be an entertaining way to reacquaint yourself with this fantastic city and rediscover some of the things you love about it with the person you love. The Chinese theater is a great place to start– who doesn’t love putting their hands in Marlyn’s prints? And from there, you can rediscover the Walk of Fame. The Hollywood Bowl usually has pretty inexpensive seats if you’re willing to sit at the theater’s back, and it’s walkable from Hollywood. It’s even close to the metro, so you don’t have to deal with parking (which can turn a cheap date night into one that breaks the bank in this city!) 

Free Museums

Griffith Park for a Date Night in Los Angeles

One of the best-kept secrets in LA is that the library has museum passes that you can reserve for free (or low-cost) admission to some of the best museums in the world, making for a truly creative date idea in Los Angeles. You can grab these passes in advance and build a day around the outing, either packing a lunch to enjoy near the museum or scouting out low-cost food trucks in the area. Of course, The Getty is always free, and that sculpture garden is to-die-for, but the library gives you a few more options if you want to get out and explore the city’s cultural offerings more. 

Hike Griffith Park…or Anywhere

Ok confession: I hate hiking. But I hear it’s something that normal people love so why not throw it in this list. Last I checked these trails are free and there’s something for anyone. 

In my single days, if someone forced me to hike on a date, I’d pick the slightly less crowded trails of Griffith Park over super trendy (and packed) Runyon. Fewer witnesses for when I kill them for forcing me to go on a stupid, pointless hike.

But my more outdoorsy friends said that both Griffith Park and Runyon trails are easy (yet fun and challenging) for a casual hiker. They said just to be sure to bring water because it can get hot up there, and safety first, always

Farmer’s Markets Galore

Did you know there’s a farmer’s market in Los Angeles any day of the week? Yeap that’s a lot of kettle corn, but it’s also a great way to connect with great food, shopping, and local activities. Plus free samples are plentiful at most farmers markets. Just don’t abuse it because these are small (mostly local) businesses! Here’s a great list of Los Angeles farmers markets broken down by day. Just know that most of these markets shut down by early afternoon so don’t brunch too hard beforehand..

As I said, LA is a great city, and exploring it with the person you love is a fantastic experience. I hope you have a great time checking each of these cheap date options in Los Angeles off your LA to-do list, and don’t be shy about it if you take one of these suggestions. Tag me in your social post– I wanna see your #couplesgoals.