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Credit Score Dating Doesn’t Mean Romance is Dead

Dating apps and websites have been around for decades now and the popularity is undeniable. Yours truly even got her man on the internet and he hasn’t murdered me yet…so I’m going to call it a success. What appealed to me about online dating was the efficiency of learning how compatible someone might be before going out IRL. If I went on a first date with every dude I swiped through, I would have died single and bitter with the most aggressive red wine teeth stains on earth.

Julie Aragon and Ajay on couch with neon sign

Nowadays online daters are playing an impressive long game. Many are posting their credit scores into their dating profiles, alongside their age, height, weight, and occupation, for any potential partner to see. And there are even credit score dating apps, like Credit Cupid, that specifically cater to selective singles seeking relationships exclusively with those who have good credit.

This open disclosure is a relatively new phenomenon that seems to stem from the number of people who realize that financial difficulties and poor money management habits are serious problems in long-term relationships. Or maybe it’s because these younger generations are crippled by intense student loan debt and are hoping to partner with someone who will make positive financial decisions with them. 

Most people in a relationship find it awkward to discuss personal financial issues like debt. Individuals who are starting new relationships might place a lot of pressure on only pursuing partners who won’t hinder their long-term financial plans. Do they want to own a home? Buy a new car? Save for retirement or plan for a child’s future college education? 

Or, if they prefer up-front and open discussions about their current credit status and debt outlook, they might only be hoping to avoid investing a lot of time into a relationship with someone that demonstrates irresponsible financial behavior. 

Whatever their reasoning, the younger generation is definitely putting effort into securing a better financial future by using credit score dating apps to ensure their partners are on the same page. Hopefully, if they are already in a loving relationship, they don’t decide to suddenly drop their partner just because of their credit score. Remember, with a bit of effort, any credit score is redeemable. 

Have other questions about how your credit score might affect your financial future? Wondering whether a spouse’s bad credit would affect your mortgage qualifications? Or who’s credit score will be used for the purchase? For all your credit score questions, check out our post on Common Credit Score Questions.