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The Mortgage Biz: Why it’s Not all Rainbows & Sunshine

Ugh!! This s#%! is hard sometimes.

Julie phone

It’s not often that the sound of frustration is allowed on my blog. But today, it’s not only permitted, but totally necessary. Besides the added health benefits of increased circulation and elevated endorphins, by releasing some steam today, I hope to also expose the truth of the mortgage biz that can at times feel cloaked in bullshit (totally feeling those endorphins now!) and show you the raw and real side of this business.

I want to preface this post by explaining my reasoning behind it. I’m not here to bash the mortgage industry. I truly and utterly adore what I do. But I just want to remind people, it’s not all glitz and glamor. And, just like most things in life: anything that’s worth something takes hard work.


This past week I cried. Twice. Which, if you know me, is not something that happens often.

Sure, you might be thinking:

And my response is, “yes!”

I’m no clown, but juggling lots of mortgage loans + all the little tiny details that go into each transaction can get crazy hard sometimes.

Think about it. You have 15+ loans going on at one time. Of those multiple loans you’re working with multiple peeps – the borrower, co-borrower, listing agent, selling agent, escrow officer, appraiser, processor, underwriter, etc. That adds up to a lot at one time. And people are complex. They have expectations. They have needs. They have emotions. Yes, it’s business, but I also care about my clients and who I do business with so I always try my best to make sure they are happy.

So, needless to say, sometimes you just have one of those days where your stress meter is about to explode and even though when you glance at your clock, it’s 10am, the only thing you can read is wine-o’clock.

I totally had a couple of those days this past week. But, thankfully, that’s not where the story ends.

Every day that I wake up, even on ass-kicking days, I wouldn’t change anything. From difficult situations come more wisdom, more strength, and more appreciation. And that’s exactly where I am now. Sure, I may have had a rough week, but in the grand scheme of things, I love what I do. I get to help people who are searching for their dream home or refinancing on a place they already love. Where else could I get to help such cool people, clients, and friends?

And now, I’m like:


A couple of tears and glasses {or bottle!} of wine is sometimes all it takes to release some stress. I’d rather be real and honest with my peeps than pretend like everything is always perfect and birds are always chirping. Sometimes, this shit gets hard. And that’s okay. Sometimes it’s necessary to pause and take a deep breath, so that you can keep going.

With love,