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Taylor Swift Music For Every Stage of the Mortgage Process

Mortgage Process Tips and Taylor Swift Songs Go Hand in Hand, Obviously

I’d be lying if I said the mortgage process can’t be stressful sometimes, but it is definitely worth it. Sure there are decisions and paperwork to get through, but who says you can’t embrace the ups and downs like national treasure Taylor Swift does? No matter what life throws her way, she seems to have an answer or a hit song to throw back at it. 

So here’s how to get through the entire mortgage process just like Taylor would!

#1: Breaking up with Your Landlord — “We Are Never Getting Back Together”

Taylor knew when it was time to call it quits, and you should know too! It’s time to break up with your landlord and take a step into homeownership, you know–into a more stable living situation. Owning your own place is great for increasing your net worth and gives you the freedom to call the shots the way you want. 

Do you want to paint your room as red as Taylor’s lips? Well, then you do you! You don’t have to ask a landlord permission to decorate the way you want or if you can have a pet. So if you always wanted your very own cat children like our girl has, then it’s def time to find your furever home.  

Aside from the freedom of choice to do what you please, you are not throwing your money away on rent month after month. You build equity in your home which allows you to eventually own it free and clear or sell it for cash…whatever vibe you feel when the time comes. 

#2: Creating a Budget —“You Need to Calm Down!” 

Buying a home is super exciting, and it can get overwhelming, so as Taylor says, “You need to calm down” and create a homeowners budget. Knowing where you stand financially is the first step into purchasing a house. So, before you start perusing Zillow at 7 a.m, sit down and make a new budget to see how much house you can actually afford. 

The last thing you want to do is be house-poor! Also, incorporate the expenses that come with owning your own place, such as lawn equipment, home repairs, etc. Rather than comparing yourself to others, compare your finances to how much you can afford and embrace whatever that is because you already got your crown. 

#3: Finding the Right Lender —“Love Story”

Finding the right financing for your home is probably the biggest hurdle you have to overcome (but not if you call us up because you know we’ll treat you right.) That said, knowledge is power, so do your research. There are loans that are specific for first-time homebuyers, such as an FHA or USDA loan, that require less money down. 

We can be your “Romeo” lender at Aragon Lending because you aren’t just another number to us. You are one of a kind, and we will make the mortgage process feel like a love story! 

#4: Finding a Home —“Wildest Dreams”

Whether you want to find a home in the canyons, on the beach in Santa Monica, or something in DTLA, it’s time to find your dream home. (Just remember to stay within your budget.) Having the right real estate agent assist you in your search can help you locate the home of your wildest dreams much faster and easier! 

Before long, you will be like Tay-Tay, making memories in your new home and watching beautiful sunsets in a lovely dress. 

#5: The Inspection Process —“Shake it Off”

You have to be careful when buying a home because there are a lot of fakers out there trying to hide problems when they sell a house. So no matter what, ALWAYS get a home inspection before signing on the dotted line. 

A home inspection will search for issues with the electric, plumbing, HVAC, and more. Just because you may find out some issues you weren’t prepared for, you simply have to shake it off! (Pro tip: here’s a list of what to drink when you encounter typical inspection problems, courtesy of yours truly.) Decide if you can deal or if you have to keep on cruisin’ until you find the right place!

#6: Home Buyer Negotiations —“Out of the Woods”

So now everything has come to light from the home inspection, and it’s out in the open. This is when you “request for repairs” based on any issues found with your dream home, and do the final negotiations before you move into your new place.  

Once you and the owner agree to any additional repairs needed, you’re in the clear, and out of the woods! 

#7: Celebrating Your Accomplishment —“Me!” 

CONGRATULATIONS, you made it through the entire mortgage process like a champ, and now you’re ready to bask in the glow of your accomplishment like T-Swizzle! Sure it can be a handful, but your home is not like the others, and there is only one of you, too. 

So pop open the champagne bottle to celebrate. Embrace your new dream home, doll it up any way you like, get three cats, sip wine while watching the sunsets because you earned it! 

Bonus TayTay

If you’re ready to begin the mortgage process you know who to call (us) but this is such a banging list of Taylor’s hits, it would be a shame not to make it portable, so here’s the Spotify playlist to help amp you up. Enjoy!